Glasswire for Android Help pages

Having recently discovered your excellent app, I found myself as a neophyte having difficulty in understanding how to take advantage of the information that this app displays quite clearly. Unfortunately, the Help pages on your site seem to be for the Windows version and obviously show functions that don’t exist on the Android app. For example, I read the paragraph on “Clicking the Graph” and I presume that under Windows your get information about which applications are causing a spike. This doesn’t appear to exist under Android.
I am also unsure how you can stop an app using too much bandwidth other than going to Settings and Force Stop. When you click the settings cog beside the name of an app Glasswire sends you directly to the normal Settings for this app leaving you the choice of uninstalling it or force closing it. From what I have read certain apps either don’t react well to this brute force solution or they automatically restart on their own. Does this mean we have to resort to other apps like Greenify or Titanium Backup to freeze a greedy app? Am I expecting too much of Glasswire under Android, but wouldn’t it be better to have an alert identifying the misbehaving app when it hogs too much bandwidth and some means of customizing the level to be reached before setting off an alert?
Maybe this function exists, but all of my alerts so far simply identify the first usage of network connection by an app. Perhaps my apps are too well behaved to set off a Traffic Monitor alert!
In summary, I suggest that having a link to help pages specifically for the Android version of Glasswire would be very helpful, especially for those uninitiated to the complexity of network security.


Sorry for the problem. We are working on a website refresh and when we do it I’ll write an Android guide.

Thanks for the news. Look forward to reading it.