Glasswire for windows and android

i bought glasswire for android and so for windows do i have to buy another?


Yes, currently they are not linked and that’s why we don’t mention Windows on our Google Play page, and why we don’t mention Android on our GlassWire Windows page.

Thanks for your feedback on linking them together with accounts of some type.

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Okay thank you I hope they link it and keep the android prices same it’s a good price and good features I’m using it for windows and android.

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We hope to link everything together someday in the future, but we want to make sure if we make user accounts that they are very secure and private. Thanks for your feedback and thanks for using GlassWire!

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How is it that platforms such as Nord and Express can carry their subscription over between all devices, but Glasswire cannot? I wish I would have known that before purchasing, otherwise I wouldn’t have.

We currently have no logon/password accounts. Thanks for your feedback.