GlassWire Free is almost useless

Please allow use of the firewall feature for free. That’s a rather basic feature that other programs give for free, and its one of the main security items you should have. You can charge for the other extras like themes, incognito mode, remote access, and the server lists. If you want, you can add a once daily or weekly nag popup to buy the paid version.

On mobile the firewall should be free, there’s countless other free apps with a free firewall.

By using Glasswire free, you’re not making the internet a safer place. You’re just being a bystander.
It’s kinda like a cop doing nothing to a robber robbing a bank, meanwhile next door a murderer kills someone. He only saw the robber and done nothing.

By allowing the firewall feature and the other security related features, you’re able to take action.
The cop arrests the robber, and shoots the murderer before he can kill someone.
You block the bad application with the firewall, and noticed the evil twin wifi and didn’t connect to it.

So no I will not buy the paid version, not unless you give me something free and worthy like the many other companies out there. I don’t have any good reason to support such a greedy company.

Additionally for you users out there reading this, the Glasswire firewall and many other firewalls out there actually piggyback off of the Windows firewall, which you get free with any modern version of Windows.

Our team feels it’s wrong to track people with ads, or collect their app data usage and sell it to third parties for money. Since we don’t track people or fill our apps with ads we rely on people to purchase our software to stay in business.

If you feel that selling software is greedy then perhaps you should use ‘free’ software filled with ads, or software that tracks everything you do instead.

Fortunately for you there are plenty of free mobile apps out there for you to use! Perhaps Facebook’s Onavo would be a good fit for you and it’s 100% free! Facebook is not a greedy company at all and they will welcome you with open arms.

Onavo is banned from iOS, but since you’re on Android it’s actually still available for you for free! Go get it and we’ll be sad to see you go.

Good luck with your ‘free’ apps and we wish you the best. :+1:


Couldn’t agree more, “Free” typically comes with the “Awesome” phone home features that we all love…:rofl: