Glasswire GUI closes without warnig when installing nvidia drivers

As the topic says the Glasswire GUI closes down without any warning whenever I install a new nvidia driver.
Possibly connected to GPU acceleration. It’s not a BIG deal since I always restart after installing / updating the display driver. Even though it isn’t necessary. In glasswire version 2.2.260 the GPU toggle isn’t visible anymore so cannot test if it’s related to GPU acceleration.


We removed GPU acceleration because it would cause crashes like this sometimes. Is this only happening to that previous beta with GPU acceleration, or does it happen with our latest version too? I see you did mention 2.2.260 but I thought I’d double check.

Yes, it happens with the latest version. build 2.2.260.

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I think you’re seeing this issue because of a setting that was enabled when you tested a beta version of our app.

Please quit GlassWire’s UI (under the top left GlassWire menu) and then go to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\GlassWire and delete the client folder. This will disable the GPU acceleration setting and should solve the issue.

I removed the client folder. I will report back when I install a new display driver.


We removed GPU acceleration specifically because of issues like this. I hope the change will solve it.