Glasswire HIGH CPU

Hi, I have update 2.2.210 - I experience thisproblem that I didn’t before when I still had 2.1.167

When I use Firefox or Brave glasswire goes crazy - regardless of what site I visit.
Do you need a log? How can I Get a log?

Ok I take it back - i think the problem is gone.

Actually problem is here - it happens in general regardless of whether i use firefox/chrome i attached a screenshot of task manager


What firewall mode are you in? “Ask to connect” or something else? Are you using the browser while it’s blocked?

Kind of same problems but maybe not the same causes.
Not using the windows firewall.

At least you succeeded to make it not crash but so now it’s stucked in looping.
We should get a way to have advanced logs whether it’s in the tool itself or with a third party tool to know which function it tries over and over again.


I don’t recall anyone reporting this with any 2.2 versions so I have never seen this issue before.

We do have versions with advanced logs if you turn on logging, but it’s not necessary yet.

To assist you I’d need to know:

  1. What firewall mode are you in if you go to our Firewall tab? Is it off? Is it on? What mode?

  2. Are you blocking the browser with our firewall?

Can you scan your PC with Windows Defender?

I ve reported many times already over the past year whether by customer support or here . And I even report the crashes from the other version which were preceding by a loop of glasswire using 25% of the cpu which is one core of this client.

It s kaspersky on this desktop so no virus. The windows installation is not broken either or if it is then it’s only causing problems with glasswire.

The firewall is off as I said because I m using kaspersky.

20 days ago high cpu usage
28april again
December all those have been reported spike in cpu usage

I am in Click to Block mode. The answer is no, if you are asking whether Brave web browser is blocked in Glasswire and I am trying to browse with it at the same time, It’s not blocked. In fact network activity shows me on Task Manager screenshot for Brave shows “downloading”…
And yes Firewall is ON.

Does the CPU usage problem continue if our firewall is set to “off”? Or is the behavior the same?

Are you browsing BitTorrent sites with a plugin or do you use any unusual VPN plugins?

I use the same browser as you and I cannot recreate this.

It appears there is slight improvement when I turn firewall off - nevertheless, it seems that Glasswire still uses quite a bit of CPU. No I wasn’t browsing bittorrent sites was downloading stuff from a OneDrive account yesterday when I posted that shot. Right now this is base on watching youtube…See screenshots tell me what you think…

Could you scan your PC with Windows defender and see if it finds anything?

When you go to the graph and then apps, do you see any suspicious activity there? Our CPU usage is minimal in most cases, unless our software has to work hard to count an unusually large number of connected hosts.

This is usually due to something like BitTorrent or malware.

Soon we will have a “lite” version of GlassWire available so people can use it when they have malware infections, or when they are heavy Bittorrent users. I will announce it in the forum when it is ready.

Windows Defender didn’t find anything [I also have Kaspersky running though]. In regards to suspicious activity - I honestly cannot tell - can you be more specific (which settings should I choose, week/hours/months; apps/traffic/etc) --> Then I can look at make a video so you can take a look yourself and to send it over, how about that?

I also don’t think that glasswire is not logging anything in the “Usage” or “Graph” section since update - very weird - is there a test I can do to make sure? for example in spite of browsing the net, Glasswire shows 0 KB in traffic section, shows no apps if I have “3 hour interval set”; if I changed internal to 24 hours, still no apps are listed, unless I Week…
I checked per your faq and I can verify that these services are enabled, and still glassiwre is not capturing data

  • WlanSvc (WLan AutoConfig)
  • BFE (Base Filtering Engine)
  • EventLog (Windows Event Log)

@Ken_GlassWire if you remember correctly thisi is exactly the same behavior I’ve told you about with the 204 version before the crashes were happening

and by the way the crashes are still happening, I am sending the data in my thread now.

I have a new problem, I have uninstalled Glasswire, then restore windows firewall rules, then did a CLEAN INSTALL + RESTORE firewall after i had restarted, glasswire installed, but now it ONLY and only sees things under “Things”
I see no indication of any app trying to connect the internet, i am not being able to block anything in any mode…it has zero interaction with my firewall it seems

EDIT: BLock All mode manages to BLOCK EVERYTHING - so it works as it should,
Clock to Block is “HALF”-Functional because it allows me to connect but does not list any apps so I can’t see what’s connecting and what’s not and I also cannot block anything
Ask To Connect kills my internet because i don’t get ANY prompts so I presume Glasswire, not displaying any prompts, is also not allowing me to access the net


If you go to the task manager, then services do you see if our service is running there?

here are glasswire services I see, see attached image


Could you try one more clean install? This blank user interface isn’t a usual issue. Do you use anything like CCleaner? If so could you white list the programdata/glasswire folder? If our files are deleted then it can cause parts of our software to disappear and not work properly.

Please do this:

  1. Go to add/remove programs.

  2. Reboot - IMPORTANT

  3. Download our latest version and check “clean install” with the installer.

Did it solve it?