GlassWire Incompatible With AdGuard?

I recently installed GlassWire on my Android phone, and I love the app-specific firewall options.

However, it seems that GlassWire is incompatible with AdGuard. Whenever I enable AdGuard, the firewall in GlassWire displays the OFF button along with the message “Tap the ‘OFF’ button above to begin blocking apps,” with all individual apps greyed out. Enabling GlassWire’s firewall disables AdGuard.

I’d love to be able to use the firewall feature without losing my ad blocking service.

Additionally, I’d like to suggest a search option within the firewall to quickly locate an app within the list. (Scrolling takes a while when you have a lot of apps.



Thanks for trying GlassWIre!

GlassWire’s normal data usage monitoring features work great with every app. Unfortunately though to block apps we use Android’s VPN, and Android can only have one VPN running at a time.

Therefore if you’re using another VPN GlassWire can’t block…

If Android offers alternative ways for us to block in the future we’ll implement it, or perhaps we can allow VPN users to use their own VPN service with our app some way.

FYI, if you like to block ads the Brave browser works pretty good and doesn’t require a VPN. There are a few other ad blocking browsers out there also. I think maybe AdGuard blocks ads in apps though?

Thanks for the reply. I guess since both apps are using VPNs, I’ll have to live with the choice. It looks like AdGuard also has an app-specific firewall that I hadn’t explored before, although it doesn’t graph data usage. (Even if the apps’ firewall features don’t play well together, I’d keep GlassWire for the graph.)

Within the browser, I find that Firefox + uBlock is a good solution for ad blocking. However AdGuard also blocks ads within many apps and has some additional security features.

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I also have GlassWire and AdGuard. Both of them use a VPN service to be able to work in unrooted devices. I don’t know if the following is supported by your device, but mine has an inbuilt feature that acts like some kind of firewall allowing user to decide if an app can use or not WiFi or mobile data.
If yours has this feature, leave AdGuard switched on and switch off GlassWire firewall. GlassWire will still monitor WiFi and mobile data traffic and you will still able to see the graphs, statistics, control mobile data usage and more.
If not, then you will have to decide when you want to use AdGuard and when you want to use GlassWire’s firewall functionality.