Glasswire installs itself and resets settings

Hello, I have glasswire for some time now, i’m halfway trough my first
I have waited too long with this and I might be a bit aggravated so
bare with me!
The fact that I am unable to manually do updates or switch off automatic updates
is beyond me to be honest…
So the reason I have signed up to the forum is because Glasswire is updating on
a regular basis, which is in itself a good thing but the fact of the matter is that
it’s not really going to a new version after checking it out everytime and on top of
that everytime it does it completly resets the theme and hides the mini viewer!

I’ve had enough of it, at this point I’m not even interested in extending the
license when it’s at the end.
Still i’m curious if anyone experiencing the same issue and maybe look pass this,
To me this is very tedious and I’m not going to settle for this.



Sorry for the issue and thanks for purchasing GlassWire.

Please let me help you solve the issue.

Could you tell me more about what exactly you are seeing with GlassWire? I ask because GlassWire for Windows has no auto-update functionality.

Or are you talking about Google Play updates with our Android app by chance? If so we haven’t released an update for awhile, so you should not be seeing a lot of updates there either.

Hello Ken

So you’re saying Glasswire does not update automatically?
I have read on the forums people asked for this and you said something in
the lines of ‘‘we want to make it update automatically’’

anyway as i’ve said Glasswire is resetting certain settings to default like the theme,
I have the Neon theme selected all the time, when Glasswire suddenly goes default
the mini viewer is also gone, that’s how I see Glasswire gone default again.
So both the Theme and mini viewer are back to default settings you understand now?


Do you use any cleaning or system management software like CCleaner or iobit that could be deleting our settings?

Yes, we have no auto update system at all.

I think I know what’s going on. I’ve had that happen to me 2 or 3 times but couldn’t figure out why it did it! My suspicions are the history. Try clearing your history and see if that helps. That’s what I did and so far so good I haven’t any problems since. Hope that helps!

Unfortunately all it did was reset my history and settings. Now I’m stuck with having to re-enable all my firewall rules for each application again. Running on version 2.2.268. Every time I open my settings it has reverted back and cleared all my remote access IPs I have set.


Are you the same person as @Ron79 or someone new?

In your case you’re saying only your remote access settings are lost, but all other GlassWire settings stay the same, or are you losing other settings also?

Hello @Ken_GlassWire,

Someone new.

Just remote access settings are being lost. My theme and other settings are not being reverted afaik. This does not happen on my other machines that are running version 2.2.241.

Also, the machine with 2.2.268 had to have Glasswire completely reinstalled as it stopped functioning, regardless of rebooting or restarting the service and application. It would show a connection screen on the GUI but then disappear and state it was connecting.

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No I do not.
so you have no clue?

Hey man, I made this topic so I can get help from the developers, If you have another problem
make a new topic and stop posting here.

Let’s find a solution for you. Would you be willing to try a clean install? If our files were somehow corrupted it should solve your issue.

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire (do not use a third party uninstaller please).
Now reinstall our latest version using the “clean install” option and “reset firewall” option.
Don’t worry, you will still have your paid version.

Now change some settings and let me know if they hold. If a setting does not hold please let me know which setting it was. @Ron79

Hi Ken

I’ll will follow these steps and let you know if it holds.
anyway thanks


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Hi, so i did what you asked ,re-installed and ticked '‘clean install’ and ticked ‘‘reset windows firewall’’
option, and I just experienced the same thing a few minutes ago after a whole day without
this issue.
It’s driving me nuts! Something is changing settings without my permission, and I can’t figure out
what it is.


Please give details on what exactly happened. Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding, or it’s something I can help you fix.

What exact setting or change did you make that was not held?

as ive said in the original post, the only two things that change are the '‘theme’ and
the ‘‘mini viewer’’ the theme goes to default theme and the mini viewer goes back to default
hiding instead of showing.


If you feel comfortable, and if it’s not an unreasonable amount, could you let me know what other apps are installed on your PC? You can click my name and send it to me privately where it’s not public.

I think something is somehow deleting our files.

Do you have multiple hard drives by chance? Perhaps it’s a bug related to that drive where GlassWire is installed becoming disabled or corrupted?

Could you be more specific in terms of other apps on my computer?
I have alot of programs I use, everything is paid for I do not pirate any software
Glasswire is on my C: drive which is a Samsung evo 970 2Tb ssd
I have kaspersky installed which controls my firewall etc
I do photo editing, sound music creation and video editing, but I reckon those programs do not
affect glasswire in anyway so i think it’s redundant to mention all programs.

by the way…where can i find the file that contains the theme settings and if to show the mini viewer?
maybe I can observe there whats happening.

You specifically asked

Still i’m curious if anyone experiencing the same issue

I have something similar where my settings are being reset. I added my details to see if it was related to the same settings being reset as you are. Maybe next time don’t ask for input from others if you’re not willing to accept it.

It should either be the same issue or you should make a leave man…
It is difficult for the developer to answer 2 different problems I’m sure you understand

If you had read my original post you would know it is a completely different problem
that occurs on my pc.
anyway i wish you luck figuring out what your problem is, I still don’t know what the
reason of my issues are.

Hello Ken could you make some time to help me out?
Obviously you don’t know what the possible reason can be of my issue, so
I would like to know where I can find the file that contains all the settings like
which theme I have set etc, and wether I use the mini view or not.

That would help me out, in that I could see if something is not working properly together!

thanks in advance, Ron