Glasswire interact with iCloud Drive


I am using iCloud for sometime already, but when I installed Glasswire that I started having problems.
iCloud Drive was uploaded to Apple Cloud normally, but when Glasswire is installed it prevents the automatic uploading of any new files I added to my iCloudDrive on my windows 10 computer.
I suspected that some anti-malware is acting erratically, then I closed Glasswire, re-installed iCloud Drive and Bingo, the uploading of iCloud resumed and run normally.
Then, in order to make counter checking, I run Glaswire again and the automatic uploading of new files stops again. Though I still can make manual upload.
And again when I stop Glasswire and re-install iCloud it resumes working.
I verified this working many times and every time it proves to be true.
How and where can I set Glasswire to make it work with Apple iCloud Drive?
Thank you for any suggestion.

If you go to your firewall tab is iCloud blocked? If so you should unblock it.