Glasswire is not working with Avast Internet Security 2016 latest update


I am fan of Glasswire and i like it very much. My main use case is to control the data consumption as Avast service and some other tools continuously use more data. I keep blocking with Glasswire firewall.

Today i have updated to the latest Avast Internet security 2016 and glasswire firewall is disabled. When i tried to enable it below error message is thrown. I am not able to enable it… Can you please help me to enable Glasswire.

Your Windows Operating System Firewall is disabled.
Firewall disabled by Avast Internet Security.

When i go to control panel, windows firewall, I am not able to change anything as it always shows an alert saying it is being managed by avast internet security.


It appears your version of Avast disables the Windows Firewall so it makes it where GlassWire’s firewall features can no longer function. Many of our users use GlassWire just as a network security monitor, so you can do that or you can use another antivirus that doesn’t disable major parts of Windows.