Glasswire is triggering off Windows 10 Defender (solved)


@Ken_GlassWire I’m sorry but this is really getting out of hand, I have Windows Defender triggering multiple times a day now:

Do you have any information?



I can assure everyone that this new version does not trigger Defender. It’s been several days now with no issues. I had a new install of windows pro 10 and one install of the newest Glasswire.

If people are having issues even when installing they click the check box “clean install” and “reset firewall” then there must be something lingering behind from an old installment. Possibly registry issue.



I’m glad to hear it’s fixed!


Ok. I did an install with the option “clean install” and “reset firewall”, but I could still see some Glasswire rules in the Windows firewall listing. So I did remove any specific rule by doing “Restore default policy”.

All seems to have been reset in Glasswire. So it’s really a clean start.

I’ll see if the issue arise again :slight_smile:


Still fixed here.
I think part of their attempt to fix this was to not let you block ‘Microsoft Malware protection’ and ‘Antimalware Service Executable’ via firewall.

I am hesitant to say this is the total reason it is fixed. I recall other versions causing a false positive even when not blocking anything.

Either way it’s fixed now and I cannot block those two listing. I don’t want to block them so I am good to go.


Just to confirm that it is fixed indeed. No more alert in more than 10 days.

Thanks for your support!