Glasswire is triggering off Windows 10 Defender (solved)

Is there a false positive with this program? I see it is intertwining with the windows firewall. Surely someone must get the same thing. I did a fresh install and nothing was there. Now when using Glasswire its there and is coming back.
Is this defender just picking up on registry changes by glasswire via firewall controls?



Are you using GlassWire 2 beta?

version 1.2.120

I am pretty sure its this firewall. I did a clean install and thought it was another program so I didn’t load it but then it was there again. This is the only program it could be.

Thanks. We’ll try to recreate and fix this. Meanwhile you can report the false positive here and we will do the same.

Hi. Does anyone else get this on WIN10? I don’t see how I could be the only one.

If it’s of any consolation, I found the same issue.

GlassWire had created a pair of rules which blocked MSAV updates from running.

Because there are no filtering or searching implemented in the GW front-end I ended up searching the registry to find these two rules, finding the firewall rule number and then going into the windows Firewall control panel to locate the rules and explicitly change them from block to permit. A bit of a pain, and it would have been much easier there were some ability to filter or search the ruleset from within GlassWire…

It hasn’t reoccurred in the week or so since I did this, but then again, my machine hasn’t been rebooted yet, so I can’t guarantee my manual actions will hang around.

We found this problem and our next update will solve it.

In the next Beta or a new release? I’m using .81


The new final release will solve this problem, and if we do release a beta before it should solve it also.

This is fixed now. Please update your GlassWire software

Consider using GlassWire’s “clean” install option and its Firewall reset option to solve the problem permanently.


The problem seems to be still present in the latest build 2.0.84.

In fact, this issue appeared when I updated from v1 to v2. Never had this problem before.



And here is the details (as I can post only one image per post…):


This is probably left over from our previous update. A clean install should solve it.

Here is how to back up your settings/data.

I successfully performed a clean install. I’ll see if I get any Windows Defender notification from now on.


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I’m testing it now with windows 10 pro

@Ken_GlassWire Even after a clean install, I got this report today :

What should I do…?


Thanks, I will report this. I have not seen anyone else report this since the update, but if it happens to anyone else I hope they will chime in here.

Were you in “Ask to connect” mode or “Click to block”? Did you restore the firewall defaults and choose the firewall reset options with GlassWire?

Just a clean install won’t reset the firewall, so perhaps it’s still left over from a previous version? Sorry about not being more clear before.

My windowss is totally new install from when I was using this with issues with defender. mine is truly a new install-OS. I’m not even going to say its fixed or not until a week passes.

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I’ve been on my PC all day with numerous unrelated restarts and not a peep out of defender and Glasswire yet.
It’s looking good so far.

@Ken_GlassWire I’m on a Windows 10 machine. Firewall is set to “Ask to connect”.

When doing a clean insteall, I indeed restored the firewall defaults (I checked all the possible options in the installer).

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