Glasswire keeps connection and disconnecting

I keep seeing repeated disconnect and connect alerts for an “Unknown device” as in the attached picture.

When i check the IP on the “Usage” tab - “Hosts”, Glasswire identifies this IP is being used by “Glasswire control service”.

Can you let me know what is going on with the repeated connects/disconnects please? For some reason i’d feel more comfortable with just a solid connect, though i have no real reason for that!

I think it most likely is checking for activity on the internet and any devices that have become active on the internet. It does that on mine too but shows that it’s Glasswire. :grinning:

Thank you, for some reason it is nice that i am not alone in seeing this!

It would seem to me at most that Glasswire would connect as a “device” and stay connected, only “bliping” in “Usage” rather than in both “Things” and “Alerts”, being assigned it’s own ip addresses (having two, along with two different MAC addresses). This seems rather strange to me. I hope one of the company programmers can advise (in layman’s terms!).