Glasswire keeps forgetting I've registered it

I regularly get the green box in the top right of the Glasswire window telling me to upgrade.
I re-enter my registration code and it’s happy for a while, but a few days later it’s telling me it’s unregistered again.

Why is it doing this and how can I stop it?

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Its been doing this for me for months. I asked customer support about it. They told me to be careful when I uninstalled it (which I never did).

They don’t seem to care about the issue.

Same issue here with v2.3.413 (previous post on this went unanswered – ‘too new’ to post the link). Lack of responses from GW support regarding this issue is rather frustrating to put it mildly.

Same here, I have a 10 machine license (only 5 installed) and one single machine keeps losing the license repeatedly. Now my license shows as “invalid” when I enter the key.

They said if you have any other security products, it could be a problem for activation. So, adding to a white list GlassWire can help. But I had McAfee and the advice didn’t help with the problem (I had to uninstall it).

I have mentioned this issue several times before, and customer service doesn’t seem to care. My Elite subscription is coming up for renewal in 4 days and I’m thinking about not renewing it.