Glasswire keeps resetting its layout settings

Every other week i need to redo my language settings as well as my theme settings and window size + position.

Is there any walk around or fix to get rid of this beahavor?

best wishes


edit: im running the PC version on windows 10pro

Make sure you have the latest version. :grinning:

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it was not the latest version. but why not? it sholud be always the latest build.
Screenshot 2023-09-15 191903

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Doesn’t always work, but they are working on it. I had to check mine also. I’m using the old version 2.449 because I don’t like the new layout. :grinning:

I realy like the new layout. the old was fine as well… from my point of view glasswire is by far the prettiest and well polished tools i have ever used.

sadly here starts my problem.

i want my tools to be 100% reliable especially my anti virus and firewall… once i had an auto update and it forgot my licence… i had to login again. but in the meantime it swiched of my firewall back to the 2 rules (trail) thing. this is a catastrophic situation and must not ever happen.

these days this is no big deal for me but i can remember the past. i had software installed and needed to keep it off the web (auto update broke some functions)

to sum it up whe you go diving in the WWW you need your oxigen to work 100% and not 99.9% :wink:

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Hi @Morris,

The update should certainly not downgrade your endpoint back to the free version. If you have any more details or logs for me to share with the team to see what could have caused this, please send them to



it is a while ago so i have no logs or even a version to point on. If it happens again i will let you know and provide logs.

Is it possible that glasswire uses cookies stored in the edge cookie storage to authenticate? I delete all my cookies from time to time may this caused the downgrade?

No, It wouldn’t cause a downgrade, clearing your cookies will make you have to sign back in to all your sites. :grinning:

Hi @Morris,

No, GlassWire does not use cookies. If you have this problem again, please send through the logs so our team can investigate…