GlassWire + KIS?

Currently running KIS.
As a noob, I’m curious if it is possible to run GlassWire along with KIS?
Or can I disable the KIS FW and add Glasswire?
Or uninstall KIS, Install my copy of KAV + Glasswire?

I haven’t used KIS. Does it use the Windows firewall or does it use its own firewall?

It’s possible to use GlassWire as only a network security monitor and never use the “Firewall” tab at all if you prefer not to.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Kaspersky IS uses its own FW. So just run GlassWire and manually disable its FW?

Kaspersky uses its own firewall for some versions, you are correct. GlassWire may not work very well with some Kaspersky versions because Kaspersky sometimes runs all your network activity through itself so in that case the GlassWire graph will look strange or incorrect. Some people do like to use GlassWire with Kaspersky so it’s possible to do so, but some of GlassWire’s blocking functionality may be lost.

I don’t know enough about Kaspersky to recommend disabling its firewall. For example if you disable the Kaspersky firewall does it keep your Windows firewall disabled? That’s kind of scary to have no firewall and we wouldn’t recommend that at all.

Ok, so would uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security Suite, then installing Kaspersky standalone antivirus + Window 8 Firewall allow Glasswire to run properly?

Yes, if Kaspersky’s standard Internet Security Suite doesn’t run all network traffic through itself and if it does not disable the Windows firewall then GlassWire should be able to function normally. Thanks for giving GlassWire a chance!

And thank you for you support

I’m using KAV with GlassWire and its running very well…

wonderful app.
some recommendations for tweaking (as listed elsewhere):

Can be a bit rough on resources (approximately 17.5 % CPU\40 MB RAM) on my moderately busy W8.1 AMD system; cycles from 0 to 20+ % CPU with short periods above 17.5 %. (Not a real issue due to short intervals of elevated CPU usage).
-Cannot create permanent firewall rules.
  • Does not alert to individual remote IP address connects; cannot block individual IP addresses.
  • No WHOIS or IP address verification query available in current version.
    -Cannot save activity log.
    -Currently no means to remove an app from the firewall list.
  • Currently no means to re-organize or search the firewall list.
  • The lack of repeat notifications for apps…after an app makes it very first outbound connect, there will be no additional notifications when it makes subsequent connects…(my most important concern as a noob)

There are more than enough PROS to make Glasswire a definite keeper!!

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