GlassWire license issue

I have a legacy GlassWire Elite license. But when I login to GlassWire Management Console it shows that I don’t have a plan, and my endpoints are all free. It used to show that I have a legacy Elite license.

My renewal is coming in 35 days. What will happen when the renewal day comes, and why the Elite license no longer shows up in the management console?

Hello @yassin, please send an email indicating the email address you used for this licence to, so we can pick up your case.

Hello @Andrea_GlassWire I just sent an email to

Same here, got a premium license but my endpoint still on free. Could you please have a look at it as well?


Hi @Bokkie123, please send an email to, we’ll be happy to help.

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Thanks Andrea for your quick reply, I appreciate that.

Have a good day.

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Same here and I don’t think the Management console works as it should!

Hi @TripleHelix, I understand the usage of the Management Console may look a little bit tricky, but the rationale behind is logging in the software by logging in the Management Console.
Please reach out to to get assistance if you don’t manage to log in by yourself, we’ll be happy to assist.

It’s not tricky it doesn’t work as it should! I have a 10 device lifetime sub and I registered 7 systems then in a few days they all go to FREE but they continue to say ELITE on the said systems. Do I need to contact support and can they fix this?


Support can’t fix because I have two Legacy Elite keycodes.

Sahar (GlassWire)

Jul 17, 2024, 11:32 GMT+1


Thank you for your continued interest in GlassWire and for contacting our Support.

Please note that a GlassWire account is distinct from Cleverbridge account.

Registering a GlassWire account was introduced with version 3 in November 2022 and it is not related to the account you may have used to purchase “legacy” licenses on Cleverbridge (Basic, Pro and Elite), which is a third party reseller of our licenses.

Based on my observation you currently have a GlassWire Elite subscription via Cleverbridge.

Since you have a “legacy” license (Elite), then there is no need to create an account, as this is used for purchase and activation of the new “Premium” licenses which are cloud based. Instead, you will need to upgrade using your activation code as shown below.

To avoid any confusion, I have deleted your GlassWire account associated with the email address ‘dag’ since it did not contain any data.

Please let me know if you need any assistance with GlassWire Service.

Kind regards,

Sahar Sahbaei
GlassWire Support Team