GlassWire Lite: available in freeware version?

Could someone tell me, is GlassWire Lite available as freeware (with the similar limitations of the full GlassWire software in freeware version), or only via paid license? If the former, is there a special link to it, or does one simply use the regular GlassWire Lite download link?


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Hi Michael,

You can download GlassWire Lite from here: Download Firewall Software by GlassWire

Thanks. Is that freeware (with the same limitations as with the full GlassWire version) or paid software?

Your link doesn’t specifically identify the Lite version; both regular and light versions, regardless of the links, have the same version number : 3.1.484 below the download button…

Late reply, but i checked the whole site and there doesn’t seem any mention regarding the lite version anymore. Has it been discontinued @Katie_GlassWire ?

Hi @hard_2earn,

For now we are are only developing and maintaining the full version of GlassWire. We have no plans to work on the Lite version.