Glasswire lite?

Hello, what’s the difference between lite and normal. It says it uses less resources but do we lose anything?



You’ll miss out on monitoring some hosts. Details are here: Introducing GlassWire Lite! | GlassWire Blog

When you say miss out some monitoring host do you mean on the graph? Is that where the the changes are?


Yes, there will be no saved hosts in the graph/usage tabs, but you can still see hosts in “ask to connect” and the firewall.

What is the memory difference between Lite and normal GW?


“This optional new version of GlassWire uses less than 1/3 the memory that our normal GlassWire software uses and writes 1/20th of the disk write operations. And just like our original GlassWire version its CPU usage should usually be almost zero.”

Thanks for considering trying GlassWire Lite.