GlassWire Malwarebytes False Positive Reported

We have had some customers report a false positive with Malwarebytes. I don’t recall there being a false positive with Malwarebytes recently and we often suggest our customers use their software.

If you are experiencing this issue you can follow up in their forum here and they may be more likely to solve it faster.

Update: Malwarebytes says this will be fixed in their next update (virus definitions I assume).

The issue is now fixed. If you are having this issue update your Malwarebytes.

Everything was working great until today. Then MWB reported GWctlsvr.exe is a trojan.malpack. I updated MWB, uninstalled GW, rebooted, clean reinstalled GW, rebooted… GW still won’t connect to local server. At least now MWB isn’t blocking. Very frustrating. Like I said, everything WAS working great.
Paid for GW a week ago… regretting it… SMH…


Is it possible to ask Malwarebytes why our service is still blocked even after the blocking by them (false positive) is undone?

If you go to the task manager and try to start our service what happens?

Very strange, I have Win 10, GW and Malwarebytes and MB Privacy but have not had any sign of a false positive and it is set to scan every couple of hours

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This issue is now solved with the help of Malwarebytes.