GlassWire MB/s vs Speedtest MB/s

I’ve been wondering about the difference between the amount of MB/s that appear on the GlassWire monitor screen -top left and shown when clicking on the bottom bar- and the MB/s reported by Internet speed scanners.
There are also differences between what is shown on the top left of the monitor screen and what is shown by clicking on the bottom bar.

I’ve really liked GlassWire for years -still do- as it shows when downloads are completed before Chrome tells me. And also because it tells me when a first connection is made. So I can check if I recognize it as legit.

But the MB/s difference issue has always puzzled me a bit… even though my speed is fine -no buffering interruptions for videos for example- so I don’t worry about it.

Lately something I also don’t understand is that there are live stream videos given twice a week for an online course I follow, and once about a minute or so the screen freezes and the sound is gone for some 5-10 seconds. Then the image moves again and the sound continues, but it skipped the part that was frozen.
Later when I watch that video again but now recorded and saved on that website it plays normally.

So the freezing only happens when I receive the live stream, meaning in real time. Not when i watch the recording of it later.


It’s not the same thing.

This article shows exactly how it’s different because we use some Speed Test files to download with our testing.

Thank you much Ken. I have it on another tab and will read it after posting this.
But I just added something to my above post, not related to GlassWire. But maybe you or someone else can also shine some light on that issue for me.

If you are curious if GlassWire could cause the issue you could just turn off our firewall completely. If our firewall is “Off” then it should not block anything and it shouldn’t be able to cause any connectivity issues.

We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking so it shouldn’t cause any connectivity problems because this API is built into Windows by default for everyone.

If you are asking why exactly that happens then I’d guess that world networks are a bit overloaded due to the virus crisis. Perhaps this company doing the classes has become very popular because people are stuck inside without much to do so perhaps their own servers cannot handle the surge in traffic.

It’s difficult to say what is happening but I would recommend maybe asking the company who does the streaming or checking their forums to see if other people report similar behavior. If you find others have the same issue then you’ll know it’s not your network causing it.

The thought that it might have something to do with GlassWire had not come up in me yet. I will have to test it coming Friday when the next broadcast takes place.

That course is given in my country The Netherlands in Dutch. We have less than 18 million inhabitants, and I think no more than a few dozen people are participating, because we can post questions before and during the broadcast, and I don’t see that many names. The course is given by Vera Hellemans and she responds to the questions and things shared by us under the video window on her site.

I have Emsisoft Anti-Malware which also uses the Windows firewall. On my Emsisoft interface I see the option “Firewall (Windows) On - Off.” So I guess I can turn that off too for a few minutes during the broadcast to see if the freezes still happen.

Coincidentally that course is about spiritual development. Focused on directing attention on what is felt inside, the emotions. Because our real nature is love. And what we experience inside manifest outside.So “freezing” symbolized cold -lack of love- and it looks like there are interruptions in the love flow coming from the Self in me. The Self (which is also everyone’s Self) is beyond human understanding, as it is infinite.
It is not unlikely that when I focus more on the feelings than on the thoughts -as Vera has urged me to do- those freezes and interruptions of the real time live flow will end. As above, so below, also meaning “As inside, so outside” for the outside is a reflection of the inside.

I might be the only one of the participants experiencing this technical issue, as it is likely others would have reported it if they also had it. As they did when we had no sound once, which was fixed quickly by the technician assisting Vera.

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It sounds like a very interesting discussion. I hope you are able to solve the issue.

Some trouble shooting ideas…
Perhaps you could use two devices simultaneously to watch the next class. You could use your phone and your PC for example (if they offer phone streaming) and then if it freezes on both devices you’ll know it’s not device related. In this case the issue is with the server or with your router/modem probably.

If it freezes only on the PC then you’ll know it’s PC related.

I spend a lot of time on my laptop. My contacts are almost entirely via email or like here now. It is as if I must spend as much time as possible on meditation, and I have lots of time for that.
I have not had Skype conversations for some time, and seldom have phone conversations on my home phone. Besides that i have a flip phone for the rare occasion there is an interruption in home phone and internet service of my provider.

Feels a bit like living in a monastery. But I’m not the only one, as Covid-19 has taken care of that for many. A clever trick from our immortal Self to get us to pay attention to our inside where It it is to be found… :smiley:

Come to think of it, fire stands for burning love, which turns everything different than itself into itself or makes it disappear, as light makes darkness disappear. So what is legit -loving- is let through, but what is not is not allowed to pass.
It is obvious what firewalls symbolize in this virtual reality as a reflection of the inner truth.
GlassWire shows us that we have the power to choose what we let in and out… also as a reflection of the inner truth.

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