GlassWire mini visualizer always on top?


I have a question about the GlassWire widget (mini visualizer). Currently the widget is always on top, can I change these setting so that the recent active window overlays the widget?

Good point. Maybe we can add a menu that appears on right click to allow it to not appear on top.

Sounds very good. Please add these menu in the upcoming version of GlassWire. Thank You! :grinning:

Hi Guys I have a tiny problem with my widget: (Win10)
when I hit the show desktop button in the bottom right corner, my widged disappear until I hit the button again.
Is there an option to show pin it on the desktop, so it´s shown up every time when I go to it?

If you go to our top left menu and choose “About” what version do you have?

I went to our top left menu and turned on the mini viewer, then I clicked the bottom right “show desktop” button in Windows. For me our mini viewer still stays there with no issues.

I have GlasWire Pro Version 2.2.304 installed and a transparency of 100%. I restarted my system but it still don’t work.

Strange. Do you use any unusual system tools that control Windows? I double checked, and it seems I can’t recreate this unless I’m somehow misunderstanding something.

Maybe it´s normal, because I do not use the “always on top” - mode and also I do not use any unusal system tools.
But I want to keep it on my background and I don´t want to close or minimize it.

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Good catch! Yes, GlassWire does behave the way you reported if I disable the default “always on top” mode.

I think the behavior of Windows with this “show desktop” control may be something that’s outside our control, besides the default “always on top” option. Might I suggest making our mini viewer very transparent, then keeping it “always on top”?

Meanwhile I will report this to our team and see if we have any control over this or not. I’m doubting we have control over it unfortunately.

Anyway, thank you for your answers. Have a geat day :slight_smile:

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