Glasswire Mobile Not Seeing Sub

Galaxy Note 8, Xfinity Mobile, Android OS Version 9.

I downloaded the app for android yesterday and started my trial. It was working great. Today I tried to turn the firewall on and it’s asking me to subscribe. If I tap to start the trial, it brings up a message that I’m already subscribed, but the app still isn’t ‘seeing’ the subscription. I uninstalled and reinstalled as well, but it’s still happening. What can I do?


Did you block Google Play services or something like that with our firewall during the trial? If you unblock it does it solve it? I haven’t heard this is a common issue but with some phone types perhaps it could be.

Are you using the correct Google account you signed up with, with Google Play itself? Details on how to choose the correct account are here You can check your order email to see the email your trial was sent to.

We just use Google Play for sales and it uses their own API so it should be very reliable. That’s very strange!

Also… did you change the date/time with your phone somehow or is the date/time incorrect? Just another thing that could hurt the trial maybe…

I checked everything and it wasn’t working, but I reset the phone again and it’s suddenly working again? Not sure what happened, but I think I’m good now! :slight_smile: Thank you!

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