Glasswire Network Capture Report

Hello, new to GlassWire and really like the product. I’ve been looking for steps to create a GlassWire Network Capture Report for later review.

What are the steps to create this Report? Can’t seem to find any thing in GlassWire Documentation.

Thank you


GlassWire does not make exportable reports. Perhaps that’s something we can consider in the future, but GlassWire collects so much data it would be difficult or maybe even possible to export that to a PDF or some other document format.

To see a report go to GlassWire’s usage tab, then choose the time period you want to review. You can also go to our graph and click the graph and drag to choose certain time periods there.

Our alerts tab shows any major network related changes that are taking place with your machine.

Our user guide with details is here