GlassWire New Version 2

Thank you to the GlassWire Team for the new released version 2.

  1. I think you might be aware that the window interface does not keep it size when changed to a larger window after a reboot. After reboot it returns to it default size and position.
  2. I have two feature requests which i will post in that section, one i was hoping it would had made it into version 2, but not to be as yet. Just a thought for now would be to rename the “Things” area back to “Network” as i think Network matches the info in that section and sounds/looks more professional? Your thoughts please… Thank you.


Cool name.

  1. Yes, sorry about that. We’re working to fix it ASAP!

  2. GlassWire shows network information on its main graph, and under usage. So, we thought having it say “network” was confusing.

Thank you, Ken.
Just to add a few things i have noticed since my last post.
Not sure i understand your reply to # 2 point. For me under “Network” tab the name made perfect sense and did list devices including my router. How do i see the same info listed under main graph and under usage as you explained to me? Sorry but i am confused now. Also under the new version Settings/Security the name Things to monitor is silly name to me.
I have noticed under that same list of settings “Camera Mic Monitor” is now missing in the list? compared to my current version. 1.2.121
Don’t think i will be upgrading my version till things get sorted, or if i think the new version out does my current one. Thanks again…