Glasswire not showing other devices in the network

I am using the paid version of glasswire but it only shows my laptop in the “Network” tab and not the other devices such as other laptops & mobiles via the WiFi Router. How to fix this?

Thank you.

When you go to your network settings with your PC are you able to see
any other devices there? Could you reboot and see if that solves the
problem? Thanks.

Well this issue got solved automatically.
I want to know that whether this application will count the data usage if the system on which its installed is shut down while other devices in the network are running?
Also how to reset the data usage count?


I know this is 5 months old. I recently bought the Basic Version.
I have the same issue.
To answer your questions

No I do not see the phones/Radio/TV’s/Consoles in the Windows Network settings and also not in the Network Tab in Glasswire

I rebooted already however I still don’t see any changes to it

Maybe there’s an issue with the setup on my end. I gladly will give you more information as needed

Could you set your Network settings and the “Network and Sharing Center” and then click “Change advanced sharing settings” on the left side, then click “Turn on network discovery” and then reboot if necessary and see if that helps?


I just double checked. It was already turned on. Turned it off - rebootet … turned it on - rebooted just to make sure. But there are no changes.

A little info about my Setup

OS: Windows 10 x64
Wireless Connection 2.4GHZ Band

I have a router (it’s a Fritz!Box 7490 incase you need Manufacturer and model)

At the moment of speaking I have my Console turned on (Wii U) my mobile phones (both Android Devices) and my Computer.

In the Network Tab of Glasswire I only see the Router and one of my mobile phones.

On the mobile phones itself using a Android App called “Fling” I see all the devices

Edit: Also maybe worth mentioning. All devices use IPv4

Are you using any other third party security software that could be restricting your access to the local network?

That would be a negative.

I have quite a few Windows Services disabled. Do you know if it happen to rely on a specific one?

I’m not sure which one we rely on specifically. Is there one that’s related to the local network that is disabled? If so please try re-enabling it if you feel safe doing so.


I couldn’t find any service related to it. I found a way to let devices show up in the list if they are not there.

If I promt my computer to ping the devices (e.g. ping my laptop) it then shows up in the list.

After turning off the device it takes a bit and I get the alert that it quit the network however it is still in the list itself.

I’ll ask our dev team if they have some other ideas why this might happen but I think it’s probably due to some services being disabled.

So a little update. I just kept my computer running for a the last 2 days straight and by now it detects nearly every device except my phone unless I specifically ping it… So might be a problem with Android aswell… So just seems like it needed longer to detect all the devices than I thought