GlassWire not working on Shield Android TV

Hi guys,
I am trying to install GalssWire for Android on an Nvidia Shield device which has an Android TV 8.0 OS and I simply cannot do that… It asks Storage permissions and I cannot find in any place how to allow it on an Android TV device.
On my Android phone which has an Android 7 version OS, I don’t have any issue installing it.
Is it possible to install GlassWire on an Android TV OS ? If so, how ?
This software/application is very useful.

Thanks in advance !

Our Android app is not compatible with Android TV, sorry.

Thank you Ken,
Can you consider in the future make the application compatible with Android TV ? I think that it is a lot of potential on these devices for a such application.

We will see if it’s possible to support other Android devices besides phones in the future, once our app is updated. We’re working on a major new update right now. Thanks for your feedback.

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