Glasswire notifications to use native popups [Win 11]

It would be great to have option to use Windows 11 native popup notifications instead of Glasswire ones.

They do support buttons from what I can see (ie. “Allow” or “Block”) and they would stay in Windows Action Centre (aka. notification history) in case we want to change it later

Cumbersome. I’d rather have the application display its popups so I have direct access to the application. As a secondary notification, a historical preview would be necessary, and I think this has already been implemented.

Why you can’t have direct access to an app through OS native popup?

Don’t want hundreds of different apps displaying hundreds different ways.
Nothing stops from having a toggle option to use OS native one.
Plus OS native one looks better.

We are talking about UI change, no need to implement anything more than just calling function to display a popup differently. Notification history is OS feature, app wouldn’t even have to handle it separately.

I suppose you only care for aesthetics than functionality.

Nobody said anything about loosing functionality, it’s about consistency with OS functions, even if aesthetically.

If you don’t like aesthetics why do you use Glasswire? Since you can control Windows Firewall rules with
console/terminal commands as well