Glasswire now blocking Kaspersky (resolved, GlassWire does not block anything on its own)

I have Glasswire 2.0.115 and using it with Kaspersky (firewall turned off)
Until now there have been no problems working together

But for the last couple of days, Glasswire has blocked Kaspersky from downloading virus updates, with a VirusTotal score of 1/67,

What is the reason for this?


GlassWire has no ability to block anything on its own. If you blocked Kaspersky with GlassWire go to your Firewall tab and unblock it.

If Kaspersky is marked as something by VirusTotal it’s a false positive.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have the firewall set to 'Ask to Connect, but there was no pop-up to ask if it could connect.
I only noticed there was a problem when Kasperky told me its virus database was out of date, and it couldn’t connect to update it.

I have unblocked it of course. But I don’t understand why Glasswire didn’t give me any message that this was happening. It’s still giving me the 1/67 score…

If GlassWire is in “Ask to connect” mode, and if an app tries to access the network for the first time on boot up before GlassWire is loaded then apps can be blocked sometimes. Perhaps that’s what happened.

VirusTotal is not an antivirus. You can find more details about how their file analysis system works here: