Glasswire occasionally going bigger than fullscreen and I cant do anything

Hi, sometimes im clicking on the icon in the notification area and the app opens but way bigger than it should be, i cant see the top/sides/bottom of the app, its as if its zoomed in to the center of the app (only graph is visible)…
even if i close/re-open the app its the same
is there a shortcut key to get it out of this?
(only happened since 2.0)

hi, thanks indeed i can drag it down but three is no top bar… i then needed to drag it to the left then i could get the top bar back.
(running 3 displays so I do know about window sizing etc… never seen a program behave this way)

cheers for the tip though! all sorted

Hi… as for glassware… it runs in the notification area… When I click it… it should only open as a window (or full screen) on one of my displays…
I don’t think it supports true multi screen in the way you mention (and I wouldn’t need that)

I just expect that when I click the icon to maximise it, I can easily minimise or close it again… This odd bug seems to make it zoom in so that only part of the graph is visible on one screen

@krevvy Sorry for the problem. Our next update will solve this.

No worries! Thankyou



It’s fixed!

Yep thanks!! All good at the update

hi, just had this again on my surface pro 4 today

(updated to *.80 a few days ago)

again i needed to drag the box/resize to see the toolbar…
Not seen the behavior again on my main desktop PC


Does the beta help?