Glasswire overriding Windows Firewall setting and Windows Firewall not blocking outbound connections


when I have installed Glasswire and even uncheck in Security tab to use firewall! And I restart PC and all glasswire rules are not there! Still when I go to outbound tab in Windows Firewall and block outgoing connections, I can connect in un-whitelisted browser/software, but if I uninstall glasswire: I can’t. So Glasswire is taking so control of Windows Firewall.

I want to block all outgoing connections except what I whitelist manually! But Glasswire is somehow overriding Windows Firewall setting on this one!

Thanks for help it is annoying!

If you’ve unchecked the option to use the firewall in the Security tab of GlassWire, it’s odd that the rules disappear after restarting your PC. It’s possible that GlassWire is automatically re-enabling the firewall upon restart.

When you manually block outgoing connections in the outbound tab of Windows Firewall, you can still connect using un-whitelisted browsers or software. However, when you uninstall GlassWire, you’re unable to connect, indicating that GlassWire is somehow overriding the Windows Firewall settings.

To achieve your goal of blocking all outgoing connections except for the ones you whitelist manually, it may be necessary to dig deeper into GlassWire’s settings or seek support from their team. They should be able to provide guidance on how to ensure GlassWire works in harmony with your desired Windows Firewall settings.