Glasswire Regular or Lite extremely sluggish

The app frequently becomes sluggish and unresponsive and cursor keeps going round.
Extremely frustrating.
Clicking on Usage or Alerts tabs creates this problem.
Even the LIte version has the problem.


Sorry for the issue. What Os version do you have, and if you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” what GlassWire version do you have? We just released an update a few days ago.

How much memory do you have?

Windows 10
GW v291 latest.

Thanks for your prompt response.
32 GB RAM i5

Did our previous version act this way?

Is there anything unusual about your HD? Maybe GlassWire can’t read its database so it’s causing this delay.

Do you have any unusual software that could cause GlassWire to get delayed while it’s trying to read its database?

How long is your GlassWire history approximately? Brand new, or several years old?

Yes. In fact the last several versions have had this problem, making the app almost unusable.

Sorry for the problem.

I asked some other questions above to try to help you but it seems you may have missed them. Perhaps your database is corrupted. I’d recommend uninstalling GlassWire in add/remove programs, then rebooting, then reinstalling using our “clean install” option.

If that does not help then perhaps use a tool to check your hard drive. Perhaps there is some corruption that makes GlassWire unable to read its database.

The moment I click on the Calendar under usage tab, the app freezes and displays a message asking whether i want to wait or close.
Looks like there is data from last 1 year.
How can i delete old data that I do not need?

Please see above for instructions on making a clean install that will do what you need. Sorry for the issue and please let me know if that solves your problem. If it does not please check your hard drive.

I have uninstalled, rebooted and done a clean install.
Now the app is responsive on all tabs.
Which brings me to the question - after a few weeks once data builds up again, the app will become unresponsive again. Need i repeat the process and lose al history?
This sounds like a problem. I will most certainly need some amount of historical data for reference.
The app must provide for deleting data prior to a certain date just like email clients.

This is not something I have ever experienced myself. However, if your hard drive is damaged some way and if your GlassWire database is corrupted due to HD damage or due to some other issue then it is possible the problem could re-appear. That is why I recommend checking your HD if possible.

Please also note that we recently had a version of GlassWire that converted the database from one format to a new format that uses less resources. Perhaps it’s possible that during this conversion process your database was damaged, and if that’s the case then this issue should not happen for you again. I am glad everything is working for you now and I’m sorry about the sluggish behavior you experienced.

I am also sorry you had to clear your history due to this issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding with this issue.

Hi @Ken_GlassWire …
I have also been suffering this issue for some time now. The only fix I have found is the clean install, after which GW is snappy and responsive again. HOWEVER, I usually find that the problem returns after a few weeks and typically after a couple of “GW preventing shutdown” issues (something that I mentioned in this forum ages ago).


Do you have the same PC that you had back then? Can you do a check of your hard drive?

If your HD is damaged or having other issues then it can cause this problem.

Hi @Ken_GlassWire
Yes, I have the same PC and that problem (although rarer) still happens from time to time despite several clean installs… In regard to HD, I have no known issues and check it regularly.

My last clean install was with the latest update (v2.2.291) and it immediately solved the sluggishness, but as I described, it is slowly returning and as of today is noticeably more sluggish… (I have had 1 shutdown issues in this time)

I too have updated to v291 and now its better but still exhibiting signs of sluggishness to a small extent.
Probably as the data size increases over time, the app gets slower when clicking on the Usage tab to determine the usage.
Probably only a change in codeline will help.

Our update coming out this week has major resource usage improvements, please be on the lookout for it.

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@Ken_GlassWire Just to note that I have not seen this update yet?
Any news / are you affected by the USA weather crisis?


Yes we had problems due to the cold weather. We will have the update out next week. Thanks for your understanding.