GlassWire regularly crashing

I’m using GlassWire Elite on my private Windows Server 2019, it’s running a public torrent tracker on there which has >80k connections to it daily.

I believe this causes GlassWire to crash regularly.

Can I somehow help with fixing that?

(#glasswire-cant-connect-local-server didn’t help)

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If you go to our top left “GlassWire” menu and choose “About” what version do you have? Do you see any .dmp files on your desktop?


Version: 2.2.201

I have three dumpfiles: GWCtlSrv.exe.randomnumber.dmp

These are between 500-760 mb big. I’ll host them locally and send you links to your bugs mail if thats alright? Should I add a specific mail title for easy finding?


Please send them using a cloud service like Google Drive.

Please include the URL to this thread.


Any news on this? Mainly using GlassWire to watch over the windows server and if this keeps crashing within 1-5 minutes depending on traffic as it does now, I’d like to refund it.


Yes, just email me and link to this thread. I’ll send you a version we just sent out to a few people today who said it solved their issue.

As of now there are no more crashes with the same amount of people connecting to the tracker. Good job!

On the other hand, is there a way to completely ignore an app? I’m not that keen of keeping 80k+ ips in the logs as this significantly slows down the usage overview and increases cpu and disk usage.

And about disk usage, can I move the stats to a different disk? I know that I can use db_file_path=D:\GlassWire\glasswire.db for the, rather small, db but it does not move the huge stats dbs, or does it?


Yes, it’s called per-app Incognito.

Go to the firewall and click on the app icon. Click “more” then “add to incognito”.

Ah thanks, how about the stats problem? My disk is getting filled by them, the db(db_file_path=D:\GlassWire\glasswire.db) itself is small. Can I choose a different stats path aswell?

Setting links is a possibility but would be my last resort, hopefully it can be fixed via config.

Also just after I wrote it didn’t crash anymore it crashed on me.

Yes, you can move the database.

Dear Ken,

I have exactly the same problem as above. Glasswire constantly crushes and produces dmp files (e.g. GlassWire.exe.3388.dmp) to my desktop. I have the latest version of Glasswire Pro.
I have reinstalled Glasswire at least 5 times in the recent weeks and after 2-3 days it always crushes. I use Glasswire to monitor my home network, but I also join my laptop to my institutional network that has huge data load. Maybe this is the problem.

Would you be so kind and help me in this situation?

Thank you very much in advance!

With kind regards, Andras


We just released an update a couple days ago. Please go to our download page and update and see if the issue is gone.

It is indeed a problem

Still a daily problem with version 2.2.241

@Brandon_G I apologize for the problem.

GlassWire 2.2.268 was released November 10, 2020, please let me know if it helps with your issue.

Nope didnt help, still crashing…


It’s most likely that your database is corrupted. If you are willing to lose your history I recommend going to add/remove programs and uninstalling GlassWire.


Now reinstall our latest version with “clean install” checked.

This corruption issue most likely happened when we changed our database format slightly when improving resource usage last year. I am sorry for the issue.