GlassWire Remote not working on outgoing connection but connecting to it works

Hello :slight_smile:

I recently bought GlassWire Elite after using it for 2 Years now in free mode and felt
it was time to give something back.

I am very happy with this Tool since its made with a lot of love and detail and it works like a charm.
Now I´ve played with the features and tried to connect my 2 Laptops and my 2 PCs to one Remote
Computer but this is kinda not working.
I can connect to the main PC that should Monitor the Network 24/7 but this PC cant connect to any
of my Clients in the Network. I even tried to use the same Password on all PCs. I even went to the Firewall settings and opened the Ports there.
I also created a rule to let the “C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire\GlassWire.exe” file through but its not working. Remote Access is set up on all PCs and it says “allowed”.
Do I have to set the Port on every PC to be the same?
All PCs are in one LAN and same Subnet.

Any advices here?

Thanks in advance and with greetings
Eddy :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support, and sorry for the issue.

We made this detailed guide awhile back to help with this feature, because it’s a bit complex to set up. Does the guide have any steps you might have missed somehow?

Are you using the same GlassWire versions on these different devices? If not, that can definitely cause an issue.

Hello and thanks for the fast reply!

Yes… I missed something… After the IP Adress I had to put in the correct Port
since the 1st PC is on 7010 and the other on 7007. Now do the math:
IP:7007 and voila, it works :smiley:

Thanks a lot! And yes I use same versions, all on Elite :slight_smile:


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I’m glad it works now! :+1:

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