GlassWire reset license after sniffer

Hello, while using GlassWire and Httpdebugger my license was reseting, every time I should add key again.

Is it possible to white list or ignore Most sniffers have that ability.

GlassWire is trying to protect your license from a man in the middle attack.

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I am tried but nope. I am already deleted this product [glass wire] since it was always reset activation.

Sorry. Almost all debuggers support white lists, so if anyone else is reading this in the future you can just white list

It’s normal for most https connections to break in security applications if someone is trying to do a man in the middle attack on the connection. We’re trying to protect your activation code from being stolen.

You could also make GlassWire block itself with its own firewall (service/UI) while debugging and this should solve it.

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