Glasswire resetted itself?!

Hey Guys,

i bought Glasswire Basic @10.02.2012 activated the Key - all was fine…

Today without any change of my system (only a HDD changed) Glasswire said it must be activated - as i copied my key into the field it says now, that my key isn’t correct?!?!

What is that. Support Mail is created, but nobody answers me…


I just checked our email this morning (we are in the USA on central time) and I see no emails. Sometimes people will type GlassWARE instead of GlassWire in the email. Could that have happened to you?

I will message you privately in the forum.

If you use a cleaning software please consider white listing the programdata/glasswire directory. If our files are deleted then GlassWire cannot work properly.

I have replied to you privately to help get this solved ASAP!

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