Glasswire reverted from 'premium' to 'free' after latest update!

After installing the latest automatic update of Glasswire my premium version has reverted to free. I went to my management console and deleted the free endpoint but cannot re-select the premium endpoint. When I sign back in, the ‘free’ endpoint re-appears. I have tried logging off and logging in again, re-starting Glasswire, re-booting my PC, hitting ‘refresh’ on my account screen. Since the update, Glasswire seems to be treating my computer as if it’s a new machine/install (which it isn’t)! My Glasswire interface now shows the ‘Upgrade’ button even though my premium subscription is paid to mid-2024.

Answering my own question. I deleted my existing ‘Premium’ endpoint, logged out and logged back in, and Glasswire created a new ‘Premium’ endpoint. It hadn’t been recognizing my existing endpoint as being for the same device after the software update and apparently had to regenerate it. Problem solved!