Glasswire Service Problems

No Ken this is not so easy.

Glasswire Begins to STOP showing the LOGS correctly after 3 Days, with ZERO Bytes in Traffic.
if you then continue to run the software it will come to the Crash with dump files. and a little Furter more: if you still run the software after it cames out the Dump file, your Computer will Freeze.

This time no dump files, for that i have to ignore the Zero Bytes signs, what i cannot do on our Servers anymore.

I understand that your Network Discovery is some clue and “problematic” but i think it has nothing to do with the Dump and Freezes.

maybe there are some problematic protocols that cannot be related correctly and interfere the way you log the stuff, that leads to crash.


I private messaged you an unreleased version to test. Sorry for the problem.