GlassWire service restart required after laptop resumes from sleep state

I have GlassWire 1.1.21b running on Windows 7 Pro on a Lenovo T520 laptop.

After the laptop wakes the GlassWire desktop window is running but contains no data or alerts until I stop and restart the GlassWire service. Furthermore stopping the GlassWire service produces an error that the service did not respond to the shut down command. The service is listed as Started prior to stopping it and when I close the error dialog the service’s state field is cleared. After restarting the service GlassWire runs as expected until the laptop goes to sleep.

This happens every time the laptop wakes from sleep.

After stopping and restarting the GlassWire service the first time stopping the service no longer results in an error.

Please try upgrading to 1.1.26b, but first uninstall GlassWire completely then delete the “GlassWire” folder in the “ProgramData” folder, then reboot.

Thanks for reporting this problem.

tkufeldt -Have a look at my reply to=computer wakes to a black screen it could be Windows power problem .

The behavior is the same with 1.1.26b and deleting the GlassWire folder from ProgramData.

Our team discussed this problem today and we’re investigating it. Thanks!