Glasswire 'service stopped running'

After the new Windows updates, Glasswire on both my Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop stopped working. Both their own installation, never copied anything between them. Fresh install on both, completely separate environments.
I open GlassWire, and after some time it just says “The GlassWire service stopped running”.
Starting “GWCtlSrv.exe” on either machine drops a crash ‘.dmp’ file on my desktop. Uninstalling, restart and reinstalling results in the same thing.
Don’t necessarily feel like sharing the .dmp file publically as I don’t know what it has inside, but I’m happy to provide them.

Did the new Windows update break something? Can’t use my elite sub >.<


GlassWire should work great with the latest Windows 10 updates. We tested with our QA, and I am also running the latest version with the worm fix.

Are you using any other security software, or any apps that might be killing our Windows Service?

Why can’t GlassWire connect to its local server and why won’t GlassWire’s graph load?

GlassWire for Windows has a local Windows service that runs locally on your PC. This Windows service keeps track of your network activity for your PC or server. If that Windows service cannot start then GlassWire cannot graph your data usage.

Please note your graph data never leaves your PC, and we at GlassWire cannot ever access that data since it’s only stored locally on your own PC or server. Our privacy policy explains how we can’t ever see your data.

If you are experiencing this problem first try rebooting your PC. If GlassWire still cannot run please uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, then reboot your PC (this is an important step in the process), then reinstall GlassWire while checking its “clean install” option in its installer. You can download our latest software from our download page.

If GlassWire’s graph will still not load please check to see if the following Windows services are running in the Windows task manager:

  • WlanSvc (WLan AutoConfig)
  • BFE (Base Filtering Engine)
  • EventLog (Windows Event Log)

These Windows services are usually on by default unless you disabled them. If you find these services are running but GlassWire will still not run please consider running Windows Update. With very old versions of Windows GlassWire may not run properly. After updating your device please once again try a clean install with GlassWire in the order listed above.

All of those services are running. Everything’s been working great up until the last Windows update.
I’m using ESET Internet Security ONLY on my desktop. Laptop has nothing. Had no issues for years with the free version, and months with the paid version. Can I just send my DMP files somewhere?
Opening the minidump, I get:
0xC0000005 “The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.”

Laptop gives me: 0xC0000409 with no description

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There is also a section of the post above that mentions reinstalling GlassWire clean. It requires you to reboot at one point. Did you try that?

Uninstalling, renaming the 2 folders, installing with clean set to on worked perfectly.
Uninstalling, changing the 2 folder names back, reinstalling with clean set to off breaks it again…

So… I just have to start fresh with no history?
EDIT: Woke up this morning, stared GlassWire on my laptop and it’s magically fixed. Didn’t even restart the thing, just left it to sleep. PC’s glasswire is still completely broken

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Yes, starting with a clean install could be required if your database was somehow corrupted. I apologize for the issue.

If you use any “cleaning” software please white list the programdata/glasswire folder. If our files are damaged then GlassWire cannot work properly, but it’s possible this does not apply to you. Just posting for other people in the future who might have this issue.

I have never used cleaning software on my laptop. Desktop, yes.
Just strange both these seperate devices break with one Windows update… and I have to start with no history – when that’s the only reason I bought the Elite tier.

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Just to be clear, it is not a known issue for GlassWire to break with Windows updates. Otherwise we’d lose our entire user base pretty quickly.