Glasswire should make this option for limited data home internet users

This option would be very helpfull for limited data users becuase i have an awsome LTE connection with 90 Gb of home internet per month and i see how much data flows in/out but i cant set the daily limit for example 2 GB per day or 10 Gb per week… this option would be very usefull :smiley:

@Sinister_Chill Go to GlassWire’s settings, then choose “bandwidth overage monitor”. Thanks!

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@Ken_GlassWire The overage monitor settings only allows for weekly and monthly settings.
Are there any plans for further options, such as daily or even hourly overage notifications?

I have a 10GB/day bandwidth guideline from my ISP, and being able to get a notification when I’m using more than 500MB an hour would greatly help me reduce bad bandwidth practices that would send me over.


Yes, we plan to match these features with our popular Android app.

Hi @Ken_GlassWire Any further update on whether/when this might be available?


We will add daily limits soon, then eventually match our Android app completely with the same time periods.