Glasswire showing approx double mobile data on Android

I have a Pixel 6a. I don’t have a VPN. Glasswire seems to show approximately double the mobile usage reported by Google Fi. I assure Google Fi usage is accurate, since that’s what they are charging me for. Please seen screenshots of the two measures. They sort of match, except for one being roughly double the other.

Any interest in troubleshooting this? Seems like a bug…!

I’ve had a similar issue with this for ages however in my case Glasswire from my Andoid cell phone keeps recording mobile data that is 100% impossible for it to be recording as Mobile data is OFF and there are 0 bars where I live. No service whatsoever therefore 100% impossible to have mobile data usage, yet there is is on Glasswire. This is not the WiFi data I’m looking at, it is indeed mobile which again, OFF and NO service.

Glasswire for PC has been recording double or more data for the last few years as well however and tech support has completely ignored each support and bug report I’ve submitted in that time for it. I gave up. As soon as this membership ends I’m not renewing. Not paying money for a program that doesn’t work that I have to rely heavily on as somebody with incredibly small bandwidth limits where I live.