GlassWire shows almost twice data traffic

Hi everybody

While using GlassWire to find the source of a large “outgoing” traffic
I have been observing for the past couple of weeks when working on my notebook,
I noticed a discrepancy between the values that GlassWire shows and those you
get from the status of the network adapter on Windows10.

Few workds about my setup.

I have a WLAN/LTE router.
My notebook (W10) connects to the Router using WLAN.

After several hours of surfing etc etc, I made a screen shot of the WLAN status:

These numbers corresponds roughly to those I get if I connect to the router using a webbrowser:

As one can see the upload is very large and I wanted to find out which application causes it.

On my notebook I have NetMaster.
A screen shot of NetMaster today shows:

The “incoming” traffic is almost identical to the one shown on the WLAN status but the “outgoing” is completely wrong, way underestimated

Then I tried GlassWire.
GlassWire shows however a much larger data traffic:

Does anyone have an explanation for the different data usage showed by GlassWire?

Best regards


If you click the icon circled below and choose to not show local traffic, does it solve the issue?


Here is an article about how GlassWire counts data and why it’s accurate.

Perhaps the dates you are counting are slightly different somehow?

If you check the image I sent you, “local traffic” amounts to about 500k and “external” is 167.5M of the total 168M: switching to “external only” changes nothing.
I have the impression that somehow part of the “external” should be counted as “internal” because those data packets do NOT leave the WLAN interface of my notebook (otherwise they would appear in the LAN statu) or the WAN interface of my router (otherwise they would also appear on my router status report).

I have a smartphone that can do USB tethering but also wireless hotspot (as my present router): I will check next whether using the smartphone is going to make a difference.

Thanks for the answer.