GlassWire shows nothing

Hello, I’ve been using GlassWire for a while now, and it worked perfectly until now. I’ve suddenly noticed all the graphs are empty (at least the most recent ones), and when I say empty I mean completely empty. like 0kb outgoing and 0kb incoming and the 5 minutes tab shows nothing as well. The last softwares that show any activity are Chrome and qBittorrent (although other softwares are running). it seems the latest activity from a software that isn’t this two is Avast, which I assume was the update it made. Other than that, I’m clueless.

Can you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and let me know what version you are using? Thanks @iflyingpotato.

Interestingly I’m having this exact issue as of today. Suddenly I’m seeing no data at all in the graph. Glasswire version shows as 1.1.41b. Any help on this appreciated.


  • Jeff

@Jeff_Allison We released a major new update that solves this.

Uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then install our latest version and choose “clean install” with the installer if possible (this may cause you to lose your data).

exactly what data will be lost? the graphs from before?

Yes, your graph data and alerts will be lost along with any GlassWire settings (besides Basic, Pro, Elite status).