Glasswire slowing LAN speeds

I have been working on getting my internal network to Gigabit and I have found that on my main computer I will pretty much only get half Gigabit speeds. (i test by uploading a single 10Gb file to the NAS)
After some testing, I have found out that Glasswire is causing the issue. When Glasswire is installed I get around half Gigabit but as soon as it is uninstalled from the PC it will transfer at full Gigabit again.

I have checked to see if Glasswire eats up a lot of system resources during transfer but it will use at most 2% of my CPU.

Would anyone be able to advise me on why Glasswire seems to be slowing my internal network down and some ideas on how to resolve it?

My system specs are as followed if you think it’s important to know:
Ryzan 9 5900x
RTX 2080
32Gb DDR4
Intel I211 NIC
Strix X570-F Gaming
Windows 11

Please let me know if I need to provide a bit more information