Glasswire "Status" indicators - Toggles or advices?

I am new to Glasswire, and I am a little confused as to whether Glasswire “Status” indicators
show the current status of items, or whether they indicate that clicking on them will change an
item to the displayed status. (e.g. Turning on and off the firewall)

In other words, are they toggles showing current status or toggles indicating that when clicked the
status of items will change to the displayed state?Glasswire

When the button is green and says “ON” then the firewall is on/operating.
When the button is grey and says “OFF” then the firewall is not operating.

I can see how it could be confusing because, AFAIK, it is the only toggle button of this type in GlassWire. I think everything else uses either a checkbox or a selection of buttons.

Thanks for the quick response, Remah.

The same confusion happens in Windows 10 when using a tablet and also via “Network settings” etc.
accessed via special on-screen buttons on laptops/desktops.
I am never sure that when they say “On” whether they are “On” or whether they mean “click me to turn on”.

They should simply display “Status: ON” (perhaps showing green colour), and when clicked toggle to a grey
colour and display “Status:OFF”. Then there would be no confusion
I wish this was a standard! :pleading_face:.
Thanks again…Chris