GlassWire stops working after few hours of idle time

Hi all,

I have just purchased a basic plan for the GlassWire hoping to capture all the network activities while I’m away from the PC but I have been experiencing this app been stop working after few hours of idle time (2~3 hours) like the screenshot below. It shows on the Graph window with “Loading data” message but nothing seemed to be loading. It even doesn’t work if I exit the app from the tray icon and relaunch it, only way to make it work is to restart the PC. But after using it for while it just stops working again.

I’d be appreciated if anyone could tell me what I can do to fix this.

Thank you,

GlassWire version: 1.2.121
Windows 10

By the way, I have already tried uninstalling, restart, and reinstalling with clean option but it just stops working after few hours.

Anyone from the GlassWire? This seems like a severe bug to me.



Are you seeing a .dmp file on your desktop? If so our driver is crashing for some reason. Email the .dmp file to our helpdesk using a cloud service (if the file is big) and we can see why it’s crashing and make recommendations for your PC.

Or, if you are using any third party software that kills background processes or drivers please white list GlassWire so it will not stop working. Thanks.


I don’t see any dmp file on the desktop.

Also I can’t think of any third party software that kills background software. I have checked Windows Defender but GlassWire was already whitelisted on firewall setting when it was installed.

Please go to the Windows task manager, then go to “services” and find the GlassWire service, then right click it and choose “restart”. Does it solve it?

i have the same problem, except i have not been idle.

i have uploaded 24 GB to Amazon S3 via Cloudberry and DropBox has uploaded GB’s of data, and Glassware shows none of this. The service says it is running, there is no .dmp file anywhere to be found.

Extremely disappointed - especially since i paid for this. I am not trusting the data it is collecting.


Does the data not show under “Usage” or on the GlassWire graph?

@Ken no. I have restarted the service, and that has made no difference.

CloudBerry is currently uploading at 62MB/Sec to Amazon S3 and Glassware is blissfully unaware of this traffic.


Is your graph completely blank, or are you saying GlassWire is not showing that traffic type under “traffic”? Is Cloudberry software on your PC where GlassWire is running? Just making sure I understand the situation.

Graph is not blank … infact it has data registered under CloudBerry, just 40MB or so, not the GB’s that has been sent. DropBox has only a handful of data too.

Everything is on the PC, no remote fanciness going on here.


Sorry for the problem.

Please email us some screenshots of what you’re seeing to our helpdesk if you feel comfortable. It’s difficult to understand what you’re seeing so I can help.

Also, please note GlassWire has “local” vs “external” settings on the Usage screen. Please be sure your top left Usage screen is set to “local and external” settings.

i will do. thank you


Also, if it’s convenient could you try rebooting and see if that helps?