GlassWire storage space-saving suggestions (and downsides)?

Have an onboard-storage-space-challenged laptop here, and GlassWire is taking up a significant amount of space on it–recommendations for GlassWire space-saving tips and options, and downsides?

Ones that I have seen/considered:

  1. Re-direct the storage of the GlassWire db files to a microSD card in my laptop’s microSD slot. (Downside: if the card temporarily needs to be removed for some reason, or if there is a momentary laptop disconnect.)

  2. Similar to the above, use third-party software (e.g. AOMEI Partition Assistant) to house GlassWire and its files on the laptop’s microSD card. (Downside: the above.)

  3. Delete earlier, multiple GlassWire backup file sets, perhaps retaining only the most recent. (Downside: any, if I don’t need the earlier historical data and retain the most recent backup file set, e.g. for GlassWire settings and the like?)

  4. Switch to GlassWire Lite. (Downside: loss of some GlassWire info./capabilities–and how much database storage size, etc. will be saved (the GlassWire Lite blog info. only states that GlassWire Lite uses less than 1/3 the memory of the normal GlassWire software and writes 1/20th of the disk write operations)? Also, is GlassWire Lite available as freeware, or only via paid license?)

Thanks for thoughts/recommendations/etc.