Glasswire suddenly stops without any warning Oreo

Hi, im using glasswire and i love this app. But i have a problem. I need to open this app manually after couple hours. It dont show any errors that the app stop running of something. Now i installed another usage app for trying and this app is still running while i open glasswire for the 4th time. What will be the problem???

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Sorry for the problem.

What type of phone do you use?

Also, do you use any third party apps made to speed up your phone, or secure it? Sometimes those apps kill background apps and GlassWire would need to be white listed with those third party apps.

Thanks for the fast reply. Im using the oneplus 6. I have installed sb maid but it is not running in the background.


Are you able to get to this screen for GlassWire (instead of the Facebook app of course)? Then make sure our background app activity is not limited by tapping the “Background activity” where it is NOT limited?

I think on your phone this can be accessed under settings/battery then tap on GlassWire on that screen.

Hmmm i cant find the background activity in this phone


Does that phone have any other white listing system for background apps in its settings? I wish I had access to that phone type so I could look myself. Sorry for the hassle.

I can see it here, but not at glasswire

Most of the apps there is an option to disable/enable background activity, but not at the glasswire app.


Please uninstall GlassWire, then reinstall it and accept all Android OS permissions.

When the app stops working again and you notice please re-launch GlassWire and choose “send feedback” in the top left menu. This will send us crash logs and help us diagnose the problem if you feel comfortable doing so.

With other phones that have this issue there is almost always some kind of “battery saver” system built in by the phone creator. The user should then go to that setting and white list GlassWire. I have not used a phone like yours before though so I’m not sure what’s happening unfortunately, but logs will help us!

Ok i will do it now.

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Hi Ken, just sent u the feedback. Ive reinstalled it yesterday before sleep, when i woke up it wqs still running. Now it suddenly closed the app agai

And it closed again in this short time

Thank you. We’ll investigate and see what’s happening.

Could you send logs a second time just in case it has extra data? Thanks for your patience and help.

No worries, ive sent it 3 times


Thank you! We will check and try to recreate this so we can solve it for your phone type.

Hi Ken, ive ask a friend with a oneplus 6 to try it, but he doesnt goet that problem. He is running it for 3 days without any problems.

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Thanks! We’ll keep trying to reproduce and solve this.