Glasswire Things Monitor

I am a new Glasswire Basic user and still finding my way around.

My network set up is Wireless Broadband via a router. Connected to the network permanently are laptop (on which I am typing this), newtork WiFi printer and Sonos sound system.

Under Settings > Security > Things Monitor, I am told that Glasswire will report all devices joining or leaving the network. I have checked the appropriate boxes but when devices such as mobile phone and/or tablet are connected to the WiFi, Glasswire does not report this.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,


What do your settings look like? There is one option to show only “New” unknown devices that join. That’s the setting I use because the constant coming and going of devices can become annoying.

Perhaps you have that option chosen?

If you go to the “Things” tab and press “Scan” do you see your devices? Also if you go to our general settings how often are your Things scanned for? There is also a Things related option under our general settings.

Thanks for your quick response Ken,

You have solved my problem.

In Settings > General > “Things interval Scan” was set to 30 minutes so I changed it to 5 minutes. Basically, I was impatient! I expected devices which join or leave the network to show up very quickly.

I also didn’t realise that I can initiate a scan of “things” at any time using the “Things” tab.

All devices are visible in the “Things” tab and the “Alerts” section notifies me of devices joining or leaving. At the moment I have Settings > Security > Things monitor set to report all devices joining or leaving the network but once I am more familiar with Glasswire I will change that so only new, unknown devices are reported.

Thanks so much for your help.



I’m just trying to figure out what this is! Of the top 5 search results, there is this, a notice that a scan is taking 24 hours, one talking about the Internet of things (toasters, fridges, speakers, thermostats, etc), and a few totally unrelated.

Of note, the OP has the free version? ‘basic’ user…
under the general tab “Things scan” interval is unchecked. – makes no mention of needing the paid version

under security, “things monitor” is listed as a buy option.

perhaps its not working because John has the basic vs paid version?

I’m not sure that I understand your post Julie.

In my previous post I mentioned that everything was working fine. The problem I had was remedied by changing the Settings > General > Things interval scan to 5 minutes instead of the default 30 minutes.

The basic version is not free if you want to use Glasswire for a year or more. It becomes a subscription service after 7 days (I think it’s 7 days).

I’m not sure what you are running when you say that a scan is taking 24 hours. To my knowledge, there’s no scan in Glasswire that would take 24 hours.