GlassWire "Things" not working (or updating) and Hyper-V Network Adapters

If you find GlassWire’s “Things” scanning is not working or updating there is a solution.

To solve this issue you may need to disable the Windows Hyper-V network adapters if you don’t use them. These new adapters have appeared recently due to a Windows update with some OS versions.

For some reason Hyper-V adds 15 times more IP address ranges than the default network adapters. GlassWire then has to check all these ranges, and it takes it much longer to scan for “Things” on your network.

If you do not need or use Hyper-V then go to Windows search and type in “view network connections” and go to that window. Then you can right click the Hyper-V adapters and disable them if you do not need them.

This should solve the issue.

You may experience this issue with other “Things” monitors. It’s not just our app that has this issue. We are working on a work-around to solve this if it’s possible.

Also you may notice that sometimes Hyper-V adapters will start themselves up again on reboot, so please consider disabling them permanently if you find this solution works for you.

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